UCITS IV Directive implementing Law and relevant HCMC Decisions in force in Greece

The Greek Parliament approved the Law implementing the UCITS IV Directive into Greek law (nr. 4099/2012) which is in force from 20 December 2012. Following that, the HCMC has issued four implementing decisions, namely: (a) 15/66/20.12.2012 on organizational requirements for fund management companies etc., implementing Directive 2010/43/EC, (b) 16/633/20.12.2012 on mergers of UCITS – structure of master/feeder UCITS – notification of the distribution of UCITS to another member state, implementing Directive 2010/44/EC , (c) 17/633/20.12.2012 on the content of prospectus and yearly / half-yearly reports and (d) 12/638/11.2.2013 on key investor information (structure and content), risk and reward indications, presentation of current charges and reward scenarios for complex UCITS.

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