How we work

Our method of operation is based on team work. The partners are usually more involved in the most substantial and complex cases. They are supported by associates, trainees solicitors and our legal executives. The associates and executives have personal responsibility for individual matters that they deal with under the supervision of the partner in charge of the department in which they work, but ultimate responsibility toward the clients always resides with the partner in charge. For each separate matter of some significance we create a team consisting of at least three members, the responsible partner, a senior associate and a junior member of the firm. It is important for our clients to know who has responsibility for any particular matter.

It is also important to know the status of each person within our firm. These issues are dealt with in the instruction letter, whereby the economic agreement for the provision of our services is also set forth. During the course of a case, if the person who has day to day responsibility for a given matter is not available, clients should feel free to contact their secretary or any other legal adviser who will endeavour to assist you. We generally try to avoid changing the people responsible for client work, but if this cannot be avoided, we notify promptly of any change and why it may be necessary. If the person responsible for a file is replaced by a new member of staff, their status and charge rate will tend to be equivalent to the person originally handling the matter, unless they are more senior.

In case of more complex matters or cases involving a substantial workload, we are able to draw from an additional pool of associated attorneys, who are not based in our premises, but are self-employed. This arrangement, allows us to make use of the services of an additional number of lawyers, whom we have elected and know very well, who are currently self-employed and have agreed to work with us on such basis. Once on board for a particular matter these attorneys become fully devoted members of our team and their presence permits Souriadakis Tsibris to claim a capability far larger than that of a 12 lawyer firm, in fact equal to the largest offices in the country. In addition to that, we claim a network of collaborating firms in most cities of Greece, as well as in Cyprus. Based on all this, we are capable of offering a seamless legal service in all areas of law throughout the territory of Greece.