Apart from the heavily regulated areas such as banking, insurance and investment services, we have significant exposure to various other business sectors such as the following.

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals : our Firm renders legal support and represents before the relevant regulatory authorities and the relevant Courts, Greek and foreign pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, and assists them via drafting agreements relating to pharmaceuticals (original and generic), homeopathic and cosmetic products, license agreements of the Product Registration Dossier, Supply Agreements, products manufacturing agreements, co-promotion, co-development and co-manufacturing agreements, Agency and distributionship agreements. Also in respect of their regulatory issues before the National Organization for Medicines and relevant authorities of other countries, and the filing and registration of national, community and international trademarks, including renewal, support and protection of them against third parties, as well as filing and registration of patents.

Plastics and Packaging, Chemicals and pesticides, and Consumer goods and Retail are also focus of our attention.

In all these sectors we combine deep understanding of the underlying dynamics of the business, which permits us to provide the best possible advice to clients on any potential situation that may arise, with exposure to the legal peculiarities affecting each separate sector.