What can be expected from us

Apart from deep experience in our fields of expertise, we claim very good relations with administrative authorities in such sectors, as e.g., the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, the Bank of Greece, the Radio and Television Council. In fact we are involved in a continuous dialogue with such authorities in the context of matters that arise all the time and it is not seldom that we are called to assist officially or unofficially regarding legal issues, interpretation of difficult rules and even various practical matters. Such connections allow our clients to share in our deep insight into upcoming developments, as well as the way regulators are thinking and may act. This is particularly important in resolving difficult interpretation issues, that are very common in Greek law, and making the corresponding choices on how to act in any particular situation etc.

We provide our clients with quality legal advice, so as to have them return to us for all their requirements. In our view this produces a broader and deeper appreciation of their needs and it is through such understanding that we aim to develop enduring, lasting client relationships. People at Souriadakis Tsibris are also known for their approachable manner, with a hands-on attitude, and high levels of personal attention. Our firm also embraces innovation and technological solutions including mobility, certain on-line solutions and a sophisticated client relationship database.

Last but not least, we care very much about our staff. We have a positive internal culture and are interested in promoting the well-being, involvement and development of our people. In that direction, we support our staff through coaching, training and development and provide social opportunities. We also value internal communication and fully understand the central role it plays in our organisation, thus promoting and expanding it in any possible way.