CMO Autodia had its license temporarily revoked

03/12/2019 Collective Management Organization Autodia (AYTODIAXEIRISH) had its license temporarily revoked by the Greek Ministry of Culture, subject to relevant suggestion of the Hellenic Copyright Organization. Autodia is a collective management organization (CMO), active since 2003, representing both greek and international repertoire and foreign publishers. This is the second serious revocation incident in the collective rights management market, after AEPI, the largest CMO in Greece- had its license permanently revoked in 2018. The aforementioned decision came as a result of the financial audit conducted by Ernst & Young. In accordance to the penalty provisions in L. 4481/2017, ar 46, Autodia has to suspend its operations for a two – month term, during which it will not be able neither to collect nor to pay royalties to copyright and related rights holders.