Dispute Involving TV Broadcasting Rights of Football Games

01/03/2013 In February 2013 the Single – Member Court of Piraeus (provisional measures) issued for the first time a decision that prevents temporarily the unlawful broadcasting of extracts from some of the Greek Super League football games via the Greek TV Station “SKAI”.

Souriadakis Tsibris acted on behalf of the subscription channel “NOVA”, which has acquired the exclusive broadcasting rights of all the above football games and which is further the exclusive initial rightholder of the related rights of the producer of the audiovisual works incorporating these games, and of the broadcasting organization – being the first TV-channel to transmit them. The Court found that the above rights of “NOVA” regarding some of the football games at issue were infringed, since “SKAI” was broadcasting extensive extracts from these games without “NOVA’s” permission and without paying any compensation. Therefore,  the Court ordered “SKAI” to refrain temporarily from any unlawful transmission.