Intellectual property case related to “TRIDENT TWIST” trademark

15/03/2014 Souriadakis Tsibris acted for Mondelēz Hellas and successfully defended its position before the First Instance Court of Athens in a dispute between the Greek company, PAPADOPOULOU S.A. and Mondelēz Hellas S.A., member of Mondelēz Group related to the use of “TRIDENT TWIST” trademark.

PAPADOPOULOU S.A. had filed an action claiming that its national word trademark “TWIST PAPADOPOULOU”, was infringed by “TRIDENT TWIST” sing, which is placed on the package of certain gum products that Mondelēz Hellas distributes in the territory of Greece and was also registered to be protected as an EU trademark. The Single Member Court of Athens ruled that there is no infringement of PAPADOPOULOUS’ trademark due to the absence of likelihood of confusion. PAPADOPOULOU S.A. did not appeal the decision and thus it became final, while Mondelēz was able to register in Greece the word trademark “TRIDENT TWIST” for gum products (class 30).