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New Trademark Legislation – Law 4679/2020


A new Greek Trademark Law (law no. 4679/2020), which incorporates the provisions of EU Directive 2015 /2436 “for the harmonization of local trademark laws among the member states” and the provisions of Directive 2004 / 48 / EC “on the enforcement of intellectual property rights”, was recently published in the Official Government’s Gazette (FEK A’71 / 20.03.2020). This law rescinds and replaces in its entirety the previously applicable trademark law (articles 121-182 of law no. 4072/2012).

Some of the most important amendments include the explicit protection of new types of trademarks (namely motion, audiovisual and hologram trademarks as well as certification marks) and changes to the trademark litigation procedures and of the jurisdiction in trademark cases. Moreover, law no. 4679/2020 introduces a new set of registration fees. In particular, the cost of online trademark applications has been reduced, whereas the cost for hard copy and printout forms has been increased.

The full text of law no. 4679 / 2020 is available in Greek, here.

In case you require any further information about this new trademark legislation, please contact Pigi Konstantinou, Tania Skrapaliori or Christos Chionas.