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VSEF fund dissolution and distribution of IDEAL GROUP S.A. shares

30/11/2021 We are proud in taking part in yet another successful endeavor.

On November 22nd, IDEAL GROUP S.A. announced the completion of the dissolution of its main shareholder, the private equity fund Virtus (VSEF), and the distribution of all IDEAL shares previously held by VSEF, to the latter’s investors, including Piraeus Bank, Eurobank, VNK Capital Ltd and others.
This was the last step which concludes the project of reverse takeover of IDEAL by the VSEF fund, and the concurrent indirect listing of the VSEF holdings in the Athens Exchange (as direct subsidiaries of IDEAL, namely ASTIR VITOGIANNIS and 3CENTS) that had started several months ago. We are pleased to announce that our firm has supported VSEF throughout all corporate and regulatory steps of this complicated project.
Our team consisted of Michael Tsibris, Managing Partner, Giannis Koumettis, Partner, and Hara Kora, Associate.