Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

M&A is an area where we are very active. We have been involved in all stages of numerous transactions, from planning strategy, advising on legal constraints and establishing processes for divestment to negotiating and drafting share purchase and shareholders agreements.

We have represented clients on all types of mergers, acquisitions, privatizations and restructurings. Our lawyers have acted on behalf of financial and strategic advisers, bidders and target companies, and advised on the legal structure of transactions, on employment law issues arising from proposed restructurings, on the regulatory framework governing transactions in various specific areas, as well as drafting documentation and undertaking due diligence, and advising on repercussions in Greece of international transactions. We are also active in the field of Private Equity including both in respect of investment into vehicles, as well as representing such funds.

In advising clients on these subject matters we are accustomed to working closely with auditors and top tax and financial advisors. The firm also has extensive experience in advising and overseeing acquisitions by Greek companies and Greek and International equity funds, in several European countries, including Russia and Ukraine. To this effect the firm has developed collaboration with top M&A firms throughout those territories.