Financial Regulation and Capital Markets

As general counsel to several Greek financial intermediaries and special counsel to many foreign institutions regarding their Greek activities, as well as members of various committees participating in the drafting and codification of relevant legislation, we have thorough knowledge of financial regulation, both European and Greek, as it applies to Greek capital market activities.

At the same time, we have unparalleled experience in working with regulatory authorities and agencies. We  regularly counsel our international clients, including banks, investment firms, rating companies and fund managers concerning the legality of investments, the creation of new instruments, the offering of services in or into Greece and the approach to Greek customers. Contentious procedures before the Hellenic Capital Market Commission also form a significant part of our work, including in relation to market abuse, where we have been instructed in most of the important cases that have attracted the attention of regulators, since the market abuse regime was put in place, boasting unique capabilities in addressing all relevant issues from any possible legal aspect.